For foreign students

              Department of dermatovenereology


Location:        9,  Lermontov’s str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine,  58002      

Phone: 8 (0372) 52-20-86

Clinical  base  of the department:

Regional  dermato-venerologic dispensary of Chernivtsi  includes: dermatologic  department  for  adults;  venereologic department;  policlinic department; physio -therapeutic room; clinical, bacteriological, serologic laboratories.


Magistral  staff of the department:

 Head of dermatovenereology department , professor    O.I. Denysenko

 Docent of the department,  docent      M.P. Perepychka

 Docent of the department,  docent       M.Y. Gaevska

 Assistants of the department:    T.P.Vysochanska, L.O.Guley, Y.P. Karvatska


 Disciplines, stadied in the dermatovenereology department:

-         „Dermatology. Venereology.” - for students of the falloving specialities: “medical job”, “pediatry”, “medicopsychology”, “stomatology”, “laboratory diagnostics”;

-         „Means of medicinal cosmetic” - for students of  the speciality “clinical             pharmacy”;

-         „Nursing    in    dermatovenereology”  - for students  of  the speciality „nursing”;

-          „Cosmetology” -  selective course  for  students of the speciality „nursing";

-         „Dermatovenereology” - for  interns of the specialities such as “general practice – familial medicine” and “pediatry”;

-         „Dermatovenereology”-  precertification cycle  for  dermatovenerological specialists;

-   „Actual    questions  of the dermatovenereology” –  cycle of the        thematic improvement  for  dermatovenereological specialists.

What courses students are studing at the department

-         4-th course – specialities: “medical job”, “pediatry”;

“medicopsychology”, “laboratory diagnostics”, “stomatology”, “clinical pharmacy”.

-         3-d course – speciality “ nursing”;

-         post-graduate education – specialities: “general practice –familial medicine”, „pediatry”   and   upgrading   for   dermatovenereological specialists.

Basic directions of  the scientific active work of  the  department:

-   study of the pathogenesis of  chronic  dermatoses     (allergodermatoses,       psoriasis, pyodermas);

-   treatment  optimization  of  chronic   dermatoses     (allergodermatoses,       psoriasis,    pyodermas);

-   a use of  the chronodeterministic  methods of  the diagnostic and treatment   of   chronic   dermatoses;

-   study of an epidemiology, clinical features and an efficiency of  the  different  treating methods of sexually transmitted   diseases.


Students  scientific cociety  activity at the department.

 Scientific  adviser  -  docent of the department, docent M.P. Perepychka

Head of  the cociety – Lazoryk Mykola, 4 years student, speciality   “Medical job”.

Basic directions of  scientific activity of students  cociety:

-         modern aspects of an ethiology and pathogenesis of dermatoses and venereal diseases;

-         features of modern clinical course, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of noninfectious skin diseases;

-         features of modern clinical course, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of  an infectious skin diseases;

-         emergency situations in  dermatological practice;

-         new methods  of general and topical therapy of dermatoses;

-         features of modern clinical course, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases;

-         dermatological aspects of AIDS;

-         questions of the venereal diseases prophylaxis.

 Achievemenst  of  the students  society:

 Students, attendees of dermatological society,  have been victorious in students scientific conferences and olympiades: